Our Pastors

Prophet Gabriel Homem

First Master Supreme Chief Leader

Gabriel is our Prophet and First Master Supreme Chief Leader of the Kingdom of the Mokonvist Ministries. He received a message from the Almighty Mokonvist to build the Kingdomist faith. Through frequent visits of Angels, he was able to establish the Holy Books that from the basis of our religion and together, make up the Holy Scriptures of Mokonvist. Gabriel studied theology at AMOQ BIBLE College in the United Kingdom as a Pastor and post graduating, continued to purse theology, being anointed to the office of Reverend a few years later. Gabriel is a coach, mentor, father, and leader among leaders. He is the spiritual father to many. He is our Prophet.

Pastor Afonso

Pastor Afonso Massanga

Pastor Afonso Massanga is the Kingdom of the Mokonvist Ministries’ Ambassador in the Netherlands. He is a committed and powerful Man of Mokonvist and his ability to teach the Holy Scripture of Mokonvist is exceptional. Anyone in Holland that wishes to join the Kingdomister for prayers and healings, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Pastor Afonso. He can be contacted via the get in touch page of the website. He will respond within 48 hours.